About Me

Welcome! I’m a geometric abstract artist, coach, and lifelong learner.

I am a co-coordinator of the Becker College alumni working to develop an unconventional platform for everyone using social media, support partnerships with Historical Societies, towns, and academic institutions, and more which I see as a continuation of my higher ed experience all the way back to being in my effective student government days. I have a BA in Psychology and minor in business when I graduated as class VP representing and providing for 300+ and facilitated collaboration between student and department services.

One day I followed my intuition and did some soul-searching when I asked, “What is it that I am meant to do?” A vision of a table, documents, the feeling of providing a service to make a fast difference.

I achieved a coach certification in Jan 2017 after a two year in vivo program finding all of my own clients and work to the International Coaching Federation.

I have been a Professional Organizer since 2014 providing move management solutions, elder and disability affairs work.

Some of my hobbies and interests are creating geometric designs and filling them in with water color paint, playing mini-golf on the Cape Cod during the summers, Marvel movies, art, and more.