About Me

Welcome! I’m a geometric abstract artist, coach, and lifelong learner. As a 3d generation Italian American and grandson of an Italian mason and farmer who worked in the famous Waltham, MA Watch Factory.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology as class VP in the student government, representing a 300+ and facilitated collaboration with every department. I realized early on that college is finite, but an untapped resource to explore paths that can lead out of the college.
I decided that I liked helping peers determine meaning in every step and facilitate collaboration was what I was meant to do after some soul-searching asking myself, “What is it that I am meant to do?”

I became a Professional Organizer in 2014 when I worked in elder and disability affairs from insurance needs down to personal needs.
NAPO provided education and opportunities to subcontract with organizers in various capacities to help new service business people gain footing, such as home organizing for moves, unpacking while working with clients to

I began my coach training in early 2015 and achieved certification in Jan 2017, with a great cohort of consultants and officials. One of my core hopes in coaching is to listen to the inner voice and what interest and action steps are calling you. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your music still inside you” and sometimes we gain the epiphany later than we like by ourselves and wonder “what is this” and “what do I do about this”?

I’m a member of the National Assoc. of Prof. Organizers (NAPO – New England) of which welcoming community invites guests, monthly chapter speakers, and provides me with many relocation and corporate resources, Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Chamber of Commerce, and have enjoyed contributing towards eastern MA business groups and an online Rotary chapter. My professional network is available for clients, students benefitting from an experiential conversation, referral partnerships, collaborations, and more!

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Mon-Sat: 10am – 5pm
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