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Life Purpose Arts™ Coaching & Consulting Privacy Policy
Effective 4/21/15

My privacy policy is how I convey to my website visitors and clients’ matters pertaining to data that I collect, use, archive, protect, and with who I share it. I adhere to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics Visitor/Client info is protected by me, unless required by law or of illegal activity, court order, imminent or likely risk of danger to self or others.

Two Categories of Personal Data I may receive (depending):

  1. Visitors with questions (I don’t archive these personal info):
    1. If you’re e-mailing me the fields (using my contact form or e-mailing me individually) are a “Name,” “E-mail,” “Subject,” and “Comment” fields within my “Contact Me” page. These are sent to me so I can view your e-mail and respond to visitors properly. I do not retain these queries personal information (deleted permanently).
  1. Visitors who become clients (archive personal contact info with permission):
    1. In addition to the above “Personal Data I collect” section, when a visitor becomes a client and for me to continue my Coaching industry’s certification I archive clients’: names, phone/e-mail address, the start/end date of the coaching relationship, the number of hours that I coached which will be logged for the ICF for me furthering coaching credentialing. The ICF may call clients to verify that coaching happened.

Click here for the ICF Coach credentialing requirements I submit to further credential myself, to better evolve myself for clients. The following, “Providing Client Information” and “ICF Use of Client Information” are on the same page as well.

Providing Client Information
In keeping with the ICF Code of Ethics, I obtain consent and within my contract from each client to list his or her information on the client coaching log. The consent may be verbal and does not need to be provided to the ICF. Individuals who do not consent to have their names listed will be left off of the log, except in internal or third-party coaching arrangements with organizations that have a confidentiality policy. In those cases, confidential client names may be listed as aliases if I provide a reference letter from the organization.

ICF Use of Client Information
The information on my client coaching log will be seen by only me, Vince DelPriore and potentially by ICF credentialing staff. Client information is never shared or sold to another party or used for any purpose other than review of my application for professional credentialing examinations. Clients listed on my client coaching log may be contacted by the ICF to verify the information in your log. If you are contacted, clients will not be asked about coaching topics as only client name, contact method (email or phone), number of hours, start/end date, number of individuals in coaching session, and if it was paid or pro-bono hours/volunteer.

Changes in Terms of Privacy:
As my business evolves, I may edit (to add, delete, or supplement) my Privacy Policy. These changes will reflect within this Privacy Policy with an, “Effective date starting”

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