Student Coaching

Students I coach immediately break the mold on day 1 by designing what undergrad, post, and work/entrepreneurialship will be like. During sessions I work with the student and family to then reverse engineer semesters to the day of our first session. Starting college/going through this stage of life is a lot, I remember, but the feelings we call dreams begin in this first step today. 

Students have said sessions are a breather away from stressors where they feel open to discuss ideas and next steps, to allow and 

Time is precious and investing in your higher education utilizing each week with less “stuckness”, “stress”, and start manifesting magic in the real world today better utilizing and creating opportunities. 

”if I had someone help prepare me from the start I wouldn’t have only two semester left to build something now that I’m more mature to catch on”

Develop freshman to post-grad overview, discuss meaningful and practical major, minor, course selection, experience-ship planning for sophomore or junior year, strategies to
Online and in person network marketing strategies, discuss and convert experience into a rolling resume, informational interview assistance as college advisors are often busy back to back – we utilize time.
Maneuver and maximize college resources to your advantage, social/club involvement, reframing perspectives, Goal Setting, Time/priority management, expressing needs/confidence with departments


“Vince helped me hone in on the opportunities I like, focus on my specific path, and I became an active force in my post grad pursuits. He always reminded me of how much I was accomplishing during our time together” – D.A., Harvard student, MA                                                                                            

   “I was stuck putting my thoughts together to network and get a new job, but I liked the questions that Vince asked me to help me understand that I have a lot of skills. At first I couldn’t think of much, but I feel that I can talk about my work experience to people and employers now. He’s professional and Vince always responded to me with suggestions and also helped me figure out what to do if I have a similar question. I appreciated working with him.”                         – Alex, T., Junior, Eastern MA

     “Vince helped me think of better ways to approach my teachers for help to get through the semester.”                                                                                                                         – Erin, RI

     “When I inquired about networking strategies and approaches, Vince provided me with meaningful and lasting insight that would efficiently serve my needs and goals.”                – Zachary, graduate, CT   

     “Vince helped me prepare for my new job and remain positive. He helped me realize that I have a wealth of customer experience to recall. I got the job, thank you Vince!”           – Student, Lexington MA

Vince DelPriore Life Purpose Arts Coaching 2015-2022