You are born creative

Welcome to my “4-season’s entry” series! Topics cover coaching, home organizing, and life experiences inspired from dreams, inspirations, and creative works to share with you on your journey.

Your creativity is inherent, but what’s holding you back from being your creative self?

I recently responded to a client by saying, “You have a lot of awesome ideas, but what do you believe is preventing these from happening?” It’s a powerful question that allows the client to consider what has or hasn’t been working.

Remember your friend, classmate, or coworker whose face lit up talking about their creative ideas? What happened after that? Did they start doing the research, think about it more, and then pursue the next step? If not, what do you believe regressed the excitement? If so, what did he do?

In February, I spoke to a Senior Seminar class at my alma mater about “what I know now versus what I knew (or wish I knew) then”, how I converted a major into entrepreurship, and how to craft resources before graduation.

I heard great ideas and paths, as I’ve been there myself, but some were not sure if their dreams were tangible. I responded with, “The chairs we’re sitting in, the tables, and the art on the wall were once thoughtful ideas, which then went through their unique processes to become what we see today. To some, the design of these chairs may seem trivial, but these represent accomplishments of their inventors. Your ability to think, inquire, and gather first hand info is inherent.”

I ask you, my awesome reader, what are your dreams and aspirations? What are your interests, the ones on hold, or those you believe are “silly”? What seems “out there” about them? Each day I work with friends, colleagues, and clients to assist them to discover what’s possible by pursuing their dreams.
What’s one small step today to help you overcome what you believe is holding you back?

Vincent DelPriore, all original content thought of by me. © 2017. All rights reserved. I hold no responsibility for readers’ thoughts/actions.

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